1/2 Self Portraits

Stunning self portraits by 1/2 students. Students used mixed media to create these amazing portraits of themselves. They paid particular attention to their facial features and their placement on their faces. The eyes in particular were very important. Using runny black paint to outline features was tricky but everyone experienced success! Well done Year 1/2!!

Awesome Year 1/2 Self Portraits

Students in Year 1/2 have been busy making these mixed media self portraits. They worked hard to create the background with paint and used recycled newspaper and coloured pieces on top. Next came the time to create their faces using their observational skills. Great attention to detail and I’m sure you think the portraits look as amazing as I do!



Art at SJV

Welcome to our SJV Art Blog where you can tune into all the exciting things that are happening at our school. SJV was recently involved in creating a pop up garden to coincide with the Chelsea Fringe Festival displayed in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. Our theme was “Life is Sustained and Enriched by Plants.”

All the students from F to Year 6 created a piece of art and 10 lucky students and some wonderful parents helped to install all our beautiful art. Our display is on show for another three weeks so try and see it and the wonderful Children’s Garden which the students who installed our garden thoroughly enjoyed visiting.


FullSizeRender botanical gardens3

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